$2.00 USD - $100.00 USD

All bezels are made in u.s.a
All items are sold separately.
BLACK PAINT COATING NOW AVAILABLE!. (select the option from the scroll bar).
Hardware is NOT included with bezels orders.

šŸ”˜(BEZEL FITMENT) when ordering bezels measure your outside diameter of your exhaust tip. Your bezel should be .50 bigger than the exhaust tip. Example: if your tip is 4ā€ outside diameter you will need a 4.50 bezel. (Drilling your bedside)when making the hole into the fender please up + the size of the hole saw by .25 based off bezel size not tip. (Example: if you order a 4" bezel the hole saw used should be 4.25 this ensures the bezel completely covers the fender.

šŸ”˜(BEZELS) Are made out of 5052 aluminum at 0.063 thickness to follow and form to body lines/curvatures they are all sold separately. 7 options available in a Teardrop , Flare, sprocket, dual, tear drop mini and round All Bezels comes in a orbital sanded aluminum finish and are pre drilled for 1/8 aluminum rivets.or hardware Click your options (if you don't see your exhaust size. Or want a custom set up. Send me a message with details/ size and I will make it for you.

bezels come in raw aluminum some may have slight blemishes small scratches from shipping.
Available now:
-black paint coating (black coat selection will extend processing/ship times)
-Orbital sanded *paint ready.
-brushed aluminum finish
-raw aluminum

(Flare bezels are sent out in tear drop bezels) unless noted by customer that you want a round bezel or mini t bezel. sprocket and dual bezels are not flare compatible. flared bezels have a flared lip that bends inwards towards the bedside. It adds some depth and completely hides any bedside that might show.