$5.00 USD - $220.00 USD

All bezels are made in u.s.a
All items are sold separately.
Hardware is NOT included with all bezel orders unless stated as a (ds plate kit) or (sharp tear kit).

πŸ”˜(BEZEL FITMENT) when ordering bezels measure your outside diameter of your exhaust tip. Your bezel should be .50 bigger than the exhaust tip. Example: if your tip is 4” outside diameter you will need a 4.50 bezel. (Drilling your bedside)when making the hole into the fender please up + the size of the hole saw by .25 based off bezel size not tip. (Example: if you order a 4" bezel the hole saw used should be 4.25 this ensures the bezel completely covers the fender.

πŸ”˜(BEZELS) Are made out of 5052 aluminum at 0.063 thickness to follow and form to body lines/curvatures they are all sold separately. 7 options available in a Teardrop , Flare, sprocket, dual, tear drop mini and round All Bezels comes in a orbital sanded aluminum finish and are pre drilled for 1/8 aluminum rivets.or hardware Click your options (if you don't see your exhaust size. Or want a custom set up. Send me a message with details/ size and I will make it for you.

bezels come in raw aluminum with a orbital sanding pass some may have slight blemishes small scratches from shipping. brushed finishes are only done by request. leave comment at check out.
Available now
-Orbital sanded *paint ready.
-brushed aluminum finish *machined look
-raw aluminum *perfect for polishing.

(Flare bezels are sent out in tear drop bezels) unless noted by customer that you want a round bezel or mini t bezel. sprocket and dual bezels are not flare compatible. flared bezels have a flared lip that bends inwards towards the bedside. It adds some depth and completely hides any bedside that might show.

The machined washer kit comes in a 32pc kit (8 sets) one kit is for 1 bezel. that includes a stainless Allen bolt,washer,nut and aluminum machined washer. Comes in a handful of anodized colors to match your build.* Please specify in the note section at check out if it’s for a fiberglass bedside or stock metal fender. Installing bolts do not require a massive amount of force do not over tighten. (Anodized finishes when exposed to constant sun will fade)βš’

when ordering Flush bolt kits you are purchasing the bolt kit and me counter sinking each hole.bolts are stainless steel and sold in a set of 24 one set is for one bezel. When ordering a flush bolt kit and a bezel I will drill your bezel to fit the flush kit. If ordering multiple bezels but you only desire to install flush bolts in one specific bezel please leave a note at check out.

What sets this mount apart from the others is that these mounts come ready to mount no need to look for hardware or a mounting tab I took care of that for you! DS exhaust mounts were created to hold up to the harsh flex and constant vibrations that travel through the exhaust system. They will keep your exhaust in place and help against that unwanted rattle. Perfect match for a side exit install plus these give the exhaust install a classy touch. These exhaust mounts are ready to weld on and are made out of cold rolled 1/8 steel and each mount comes with stainless hardware and extreme temp bushings. ((Do not over tighten the hardware that will cause the bushing to fail. Mounts come ready to go. When welding keep a cooling source near by to spray the bushing to avoid melting. )) *SBM means (Single Bolt Mount) and DBM means (Dual bolt mount)

These kits are custom made. There is two styles and two sizes to choose from. these kits are only kits available on the site there is no other combinations available if listing does not say (kit ) in it that item is sold separately.

(4.0 DS KIT)w/3.5" tip/bezel is9.5"long x 6.25" tall
(3.5 DS KIT) w/3" tip/bezel is8.1" long x 5.5" tall
(4.0 TEAR KIT)w/3.5 tip/ this is the for the sharp point ended bezel
(3.5 TEAR KIT)w/3" tip/ this is the for the sharp point ended bezel

DS PLATE KIT consists of a stainless tip and an aluminum plate bezel. Brushed finish with an old English DS engraved into the plate. With your choice of hardware (STAINLESS FLUSH HARDWARE) ( RAW MACHINED HARDWARE) make sure to include the desired style in the note section at check out.

SHARP TEAR KIT consists of a stainless tip and an aluminum tear drop shaped bezel. Your choice of hardware (FLUSH HARDWARE) (MACHINED HARDWARE) make sure to include the desired style in the note section at check out.

*Bezels and tips can take up to 2-3 buisness days to process and sometimes longer depending on amount of orders that were placed along side yours. a Tracking number is supplied with a shipping confirmation when order is shipped. We are not responsible for stolen or lost packages once shipped but also know that we have not had one package not arrive at its destination to date πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ.) Exchanges are possible when customer pays for return shipment. Since we are a small operation shop policy is>> ( No refunds Only exchanges ) * refunds only issued if you ask for one same day of purchase. Exchanges are only possible within 30 days after order has been placed. If bezel does not fit as desired we also have a custom bezel option we could exchange for whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with the product you receive and final look. If you are unsure of what you want/need to order I’m here to help and gladly will guide you to the proper fitment/ look that fits your application. *When ordering custom bezels please be aware there is a no return no exchange policy on one off bezels. If a custom bezel was ordered and a proof was produced the design fee is not reimbursed ($90 design fee) 20% restock fee if item was packaged or shipped and customer request a refund. if order was shipped shipping cost will not be refunded. please Email me with any questions about fitment or about the install instructions. Thank you for shopping ! -sly