$7.00 USD - $30.00 USD

The machined washer kit comes in a 32pc kit (8 sets) one kit is for 1 bezel. that includes a stainless Allen bolt,washer,nut and aluminum machined washer. Comes in a handful of anodized colors to match your build.* Please specify in the note section at check out if it’s for a fiberglass bedside or stock metal fender. Installing bolts do not require a massive amount of force do not over tighten. (Anodized finishes when exposed to constant sun will fade)βš’

when ordering Flush bolt kits you are purchasing the bolt kit and me counter sinking each hole.bolts are stainless steel and sold in a set of 24 one set is for one bezel. When ordering a flush bolt kit and a bezel I will drill your bezel to fit the flush kit. If ordering multiple bezels but you only desire to install flush bolts in one specific bezel please leave a note at check out.